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A Hub For Online Education

At Digital Learning, the University of Arizona’s hub for online education, we are passionate about online learning and student success. We believe that all learners should be able to deeply engage with class content and have meaningful educational experiences regardless of course format. We take a faculty-focused approach to achieving this goal, which means we collaborate closely with faculty and partners to design, develop and implement exemplary online experiences.

We provide online course development, continuous improvement and multimedia production services to instructors teaching courses for the fully-online programs offered by Arizona Online and UA Global, and we also offer Instructional Technologies, Adobe Creative Cloud, Quality Matters and Professional Development opportunities to the full UA community. To learn more about working with us, please visit Our Services.  

Points of Pride

The following Points of Pride are integral to our success.

Number One


We put learners at the center of the course development process. To ensure student success, we support the creation of quality learning experiences that elevate student engagement through interaction with content, peers and faculty, both within and beyond the virtual classroom.
Number Two


Rather than implementing a rote or prescriptive course development process, we work to understand the individual instructor’s needs, and we work from articulated learning outcomes to support them in the planning and development of online courses that are student-focused, innovative and academically rigorous.
Number Three


We maintain highly collaborative partnerships with stakeholders at the University of Arizona as well as with external partners working in the field of online learning at the local, national and global levels. These deep connections have enabled us to serve the growing realm of online education as thought leaders and change agents.
Number Four

Informed By Scholarship

Due to our commitment to establishing emerging practices that redefine excellence in online education, we continuously explore the relationship between andragogy and technology as a means of creating innovative approaches to challenges and opportunities within the online learning environment.
Number Five

Enhanced By Practice

From supporting staff in terminal degree attainment and professional development to modeling effective practices in our own online teaching opportunities and leading the way in training by designing and facilitating workshops, we seek to continuously lead by example as we improve our methods as practitioners.

Digital Learning Org Chart

To learn more about Digital Learning, please see our organizational chart.

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