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Services & Rates

At Digital Learning, priority is given to supporting teaching and learning of asynchronous fully online programs, but we also offer our award-winning Instructor Services in a fee-based model for academic and research projects that have funding sources. To learn more about our services, visit our Instructional Design, Multimedia Production and Technologies pages. 

We are able to offer the following DL+ services as capacity allows. Fees for projects are quoted on a per job basis based on the estimated time to complete the project. 

Curriculum Development 

For projects starting from scratch, Curriculum Developers work closely with faculty and subject matter experts to build out the order of what will be taught and learned and create course content. They assess and develop learning and skill development solutions and help to develop and organize technical, applications, and process/behavioral skill development via multiple modalities.

Instructional Design

For projects with an established curriculum, our Instructional Designers assist faculty in determining how to build a course using best practices for online teaching and learning. Instructional Designers will help with planning courses, aligning content to learning objectives, creating activities that support the objectives, developing innovative assessment tools that evaluate the objectives, honing teaching methods or strategies, and assistance leveraging emerging technology in courses as activities and/or assessments.

Quality Assurance 

Content will be put through our Quality Assurance (QA) process, which can include a QA and Accessibility Checklist, Intellectual Property, initial copyright reviews.

Video Production 

Studio productions include lectures and presentations, interviews/speaker panels, green screen, studio demonstrations or labs, and use of digital whiteboard. Field productions include single-camera or multi-camera documentary or "virtual field trip" productions. We also offer remote video setup consultations and remote lecture capture and recording. Advanced pre- and post-production services, such as storyboarding and scripting, background music, basic graphics, stock footage, lower thirds, and customized intros and outros and branding, are available by request for internally produced videos. 

Audio Production 

Full service audio production is available for in-studio, field, and remote recording for lectures and podcasts. Advanced pre- and post-production services, such as storyboarding and scripting, background music, and customized intros and outros, are available by request. 

Visual Design

Visual design projects develop print and digital materials and learning experiences such as one-pagers, infographics, illustrations, animations, customized LMS templates or widgets. 


If you are interested in hiring Digital Learning, please submit a DL+ Project Inquiry Form. If we have availability, an initial meeting will be scheduled to discuss the project and develop a design brief. While the meeting will cover different topics based on the specific project, these are the types of questions we generally ask: 

  • Is the curriculum built? (Does a syllabus exist? Do you know what needs to be taught?)
  • What is the scope of the course or project? (How many modules are there? How much time is expected to complete each module? e.g. 15 hours of professional development, or 3-unit course.)
  • How will it be hosted? (D2L, Community, Website, etc.)
  • Will you need instructional design? (Do you need help building out the objectives, activities, and assessments?) 
  • What technologies will be used? (Do you want engagement tools to be integrated into the course? Do you know what technologies you want to use?) 
  • What media will be needed? (What type and how many video/audio recordings will be needed? How many subjects will be in each recording? How many and what type of visual design elements are needed?)  
  • When are you hoping to launch? (What is your deadline?)

After the meeting, an estimate of work will be developed, which includes anticipated costs and timelines for completing the project. Once you accept the estimate, work can begin on the project and follow up meetings with our expert staff will be scheduled as needed. 


Because Digital Learning is a busy production house, DL+ services are accepted as capacity allows. This means we often have a backlog of existing projects and we may not be able to begin work on your project immediately. Additionally, course and multimedia creation often takes longer than people realize; our typical course development cycle is 16 weeks, and a minimum of three weeks is often required for any video or visual design project. 

Please be aware that there is an order of operations to our work. Multimedia production cannot begin until we receive the content and materials and/or finalize scripts and schedule video recording sessions. Instruction design and module creation cannot be completed until content (curriculum or multimedia) is finalized. 

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To learn more about hiring Digital Learning for your project, please fill out and submit the DL+ Inquiry Form.

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