Instructional Design

Stephanie showing an instructor her ideas

Your Partners In Online Course Creation and Iteration

The Digital Learning Instructional Design team applies research, theory and best practices in online education to help instructors create courses that are learner-driven, innovative and academically rigorous. 

We provide hands-on online course development, continuous improvement and multimedia production services to instructors teaching asynchronous courses for the fully online programs offered by Arizona Online, Global Campus and iCourses (main campus fully online courses). For more information and resources related to the course development process, please visit Get Started.

We also offer continuous improvement support and the Quality Matters program for existing online courses across the university. If you are interested in working with us, please submit a Course Development Inquiry Form.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is the process of analyzing the learning needs of the students to create courses that are effective and engaging. Our Instructional Designers and Course Support Specialists can work with you to plan your course, develop your assessment tools, choose the appropriate technologies and media, and refine teaching methods and strategies. In all, our team is able to help you from conception to delivery of a course that is meaningful for you and your students.

Online learning offers unique opportunities for interaction and engagement and our team utilizes an assortment of tools to create learning opportunities that establish students as active agents in their own learning. Our team is well versed in many tools that can adapt and personalize learning for students and can provide you with meaningful data on their usage, success rates and content mastery. We also can help you use this data to make more informed interaction and engagement choices.

If you’d like to speak with an Instructional Designer about your course and the services available to you, join us during our weekly Instructional Design Office Hours. For more information, visit Events

Continuous Improvement & Quality Matters

The initial course design process is just the beginning of your online teaching journey, and our support for you doesn’t end once the first round of students have taken their final exam. Course development is an iterative process that recognizes that there is always room for improvement and innovation. Our continuous improvement process was designed to provide support and guidance as you reflect on your course experience and make iterations for the next term.

Our continuous Improvement process is focused on the nationally-recognized Quality Matters program, a set of standards that serve as a national benchmark for online course design, and the principles of universal design for learning. The UA is a member of QM, and we are committed to providing excellence in online education by designing courses that meet and exceed the Quality Matters Rubric. To learn more about the services we offer related to QM, visit Quality Matters.