Course Overview and Introduction

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Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Find out how you can help set the tone for your course.

The course overview and introduction sets the tone for the course and lets learners know what to expect. Generally, it includes two parts:

  1. Instructor introduction with contact information, and
  2. Course purpose and learning structure

Instructor Introduction with Contact Information

The initial introduction creates a sense of connection between the instructor and learners. It presents the instructor as professional, approachable and has basic information such as the instructor’s name, title, and field of expertise. Learners may be directed to the syllabus or the instructor bio page for future reference and additional contact details such as email address and office hours.

Course Purpose and Learning Structure

Providing a general overview of the course sets learners toward success by helping them understand the course purpose and how learning is structured. It’s an invitation for the learner to explore important course components such as the schedule of activities, the various types of learning activities, and how learning will be assessed. This encourages the learner to explore the course site and be prepared on how to start and what to do first.

Guest Author(s):
Ana Fierro
Former Instructional Designer, Digital Learning