D2L Tools: Intelligent Agents

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Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Learn more about effective uses of Intelligent Agents. 

The online classroom can be a challenging environment because the instructor may not see a quizzical look or notice that a student hasn't been participating until their grade suffers. Why not use features built into D2L to keep consistent and timely communication with students?

The Intelligent Agents tool in D2L is a way to engage learners and increase instructor presence. By using intelligent agents, instructors can help learners feel valued through personalized communication and recognizing when they need a little extra help or encouragement. Personalized learner feedback is streamlined based on their course activity and as defined by the instructor’s selected criteria. Intelligent Agents, as a result, are automated actions triggered when a learner meets a condition. In other words, if the criteria is fulfilled, the Intelligent Agents send an email. Setting up automated emails through Intelligent Agents saves time and most importantly engages learners at critical times in the course progression. Note that using Intelligent Agents sparingly is suggested so it doesn't lose its effectiveness by sending out too many automated emails.

Effective Uses

  • Welcome learners at the start of the course or when they first access the course. 
  • Encourage learners who have not completed a quiz attempt or missed a deadline. 
  • Check-in with learners that have not logged in within a specific number of days.
  • Give feedback to learners when they receive a low score. 

Learn More about Intelligent Agents in the D2L Help Pages

Authored By:

Teresa Davis

Teresa Davis
Instructional Designer II
Guest Author(s):
Ana Fierro
Former Instructional Designer, Digital Learning