Futures in Digital Learning Podcast: DL Tech Support Experience in 2020

Woman with computer screen reflected in glasses
Published: Thursday, October 29, 2020

As we continue to explore some of the rapid changes that have taken place in the way classes are delivered at the University of Arizona, we talk with three members of UA’s Digital Learning team.

As many students and educators now know, the digital learning environment offers unique challenges and opportunities for interaction, engagement, and access. D.L. InTech Team members, Adam Baldry, Brad Butler, and Adobe Creative Cloud Support Specialist, Brian Puente, offer tech tools to help instructors and students make the most of their online teaching environments and relationships. Today, we’ll hear from this tech support team how they have adapted to the new paradigm of pandemic-induced remote learning.

Authored By:

Luis Carrión

Luis Carrión
Videographer/Producer, Lead

Brian Puente

Brian Puente
Support Specialist, Adobe Creative Cloud

Brad Butler

Brad Butler
Instructional Technologist
Guest Author(s):
Adam Baldry
Former Instructional Technologist, Digital Learning