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Cody Young standing in Old Tucson Studio street
Published: Monday, November 4, 2019

At Digital Learning, we work with amazing faculty with rich histories in their fields, and we strive to showcase them in settings that enhance their experiences.

At Digital Learning, we get the opportunity to work with some amazing folks with rich histories in their fields. Charles “Cody” Young, an instructor with the UA School of Theatre, Film and Television, was first a child actor, and later worked behind the camera on many television programs and films produced at the famed Old Tucson Studios. His father, a Hollywood stuntman, was instrumental in the revitalization of the studio in the 1950s and helped it become the preeminent filming location it was thru the 1970s. 

When approaching a course introduction video, we strive to showcase our instructors, their interests and their backgrounds in a way that is engaging for students, which can include showcasing our instructors in settings that enhance their experiences. For Young’s FTV375: TV and American Culture course, it was a no-brainer to take him out to Old Tucson Studios. It was a blast for me to film on the sets made famous by such movies as “3:10 to Yuma” and “The Three Amigos.” Having grown up in Tucson, I’ve spent a lot of time at Old Tucson Studios, even as an extra in a couple of movies filmed there. It was great to work with Cody! It was a wonderful afternoon of reflection and insight.  

Watch the video below to see some footage from Young's course introduction video and to learn more about his experience working with Digital Learning. 

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Steve Bayless

Steve Bayless