We Want Your PlayPosit Bulbs to Last!

Published: Thursday, October 29, 2020

We’re phasing out Zoom recordings as an option for building bulbs to ensure you never lose the content you work so hard to create!

To ensure your bulbs can continue to be used for years to come, we’ve decided to phase out the use of Zoom recordings with PlayPosit. We want the bulbs you work so hard to create to last, but Zoom recordings will soon only stay on file for 130 days. This means if you created a bulb for a class using a Zoom recording, when you go to teach the course again in the future the bulb would likely be broken due to the recording being removed!

Our recommended alternative is to store your recordings in Panopto. You can even still record in Zoom, and then store the recordings in Panopto. In fact, there is a very nifty way to opt-in to have your Zoom recordings automatically uploaded to Panopto.

Beginning on December 21, 2020 PlayPosit will no longer support creating bulbs using Zoom recordings at the University of Arizona. Any bulbs previously created using Zoom recordings will not be affected. However, we do recommend you move those recordings to Panopto.

As always, please feel free to reach out to our InTech Team at InTech@arizona.edu with any questions you have!

Guest Author(s):
Adam Baldry
Former Instructional Technologist, Digital Learning