Adobe Creative Cloud

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Advancing Digital Literacy

The University of Arizona was the first Adobe Creative Campus in the West, a designation that honors us as a leading institution that recognizes the value of teaching digital literacy skills in higher education. In addition to making Adobe Creative Cloud available to all faculty, staff and students, we are working to transform curricula to teach creative digital communication skills across disciplines.


All UA faculty, staff and students can get access to Adobe Creative Cloud for free, but you must register your account before you can log into the apps. To register now for your free account, visit Adobe & Arizona.

Course Integration

We aim to actively advance digital literacy skills and foster classroom innovation by providing you with the tools and guidance you need to deliver transformative educational experiences.

Students benefit from learning Adobe Creative Cloud in a variety of ways:

  • Students learn multimedia communication skills, allowing them to clearly express ideas in the classroom.
  • Students learn how to showcase their digital literacy and personal brands to future employers.
  • Students across disciplines can graduate with skills that will make them more competitive in the modern workplace.
  • Student engagement in coursework increases with more immersive projects, such as creating podcasts, web pages, and documentaries.

If you’re interested in integrating Adobe Creative Cloud apps into your curriculum, visit Adobe & Arizona.

Training & Support

In order to support the use of Creative Cloud on campus, we offer free and frequent workshops and trainings at a variety of locations on campus and online. We also offer regular drop-in office hours to field questions. To see upcoming workshops and office hours, please visit Events.

While we aim to provide training and documentation to empower you to integrate Creative Cloud into your course, we know sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as planned. For direct support, please contact us at Adobe & Arizona.