Multimedia Production

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A Creative Agency For Your Online Course

At Digital Learning, we combine pedagogically-supported online course design with professional multimedia production to create engaging educational content that maximizes the impact of course materials and improves the learning experience for students.

Our in-house team of expert videographers, visual designers, web developers and digital storytellers collaborate with faculty to create vibrant educational content that is both anchored in the science of learning and enhanced by our commitment to creating transformative online learning experiences. Our team crafts clear, cohesive and engaging student-centered online course content that provides visual impact as it explores concepts within and beyond the classroom.

Services include:

  • Studio lecture videos
  • Panel/interview videos
  • Demos/lab videos
  • Green screen videos
  • On-location field videos
  • Audio recording and podcasting
  • Illustrations, and more!

Beyond being service providers, members of our multimedia production team are also strategic partners who work collaboratively with you and your instructional designer on creative briefs that define course needs and desired outcomes and lead to a shared vision for how to best leverage multimedia materials to achieve your teaching goals.

If you’re interested in integrating multimedia into your course design, please talk to your Instructional Designer. However, whether you decide to work with us or create materials on your own, you’re welcome to refer to the resources below to help you make the best use of multimedia in your online course.