Bernadette Cañez

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Visual Designer


Bernadette is a Visual Designer for Digital Learning. She helps design newsletters, course material, web layouts, social media designs, and other digital design projects. She holds an associate degree in Digital Design with a concentration in Web Design from Pima Community College.

Before Bernadette joined the Digital Learning team, she worked for Valley Christian Church in Tucson in which she helped to create a whole new brand identity. She created their new logo, website, graphics and even manages their social media. She also interned at Beacon Group, a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities find jobs. There she helped recreate their newsletter, other print media and did video editing. She also created a logo for Crafting Kind Kids, a non-profit organization for children volunteer opportunities. Bernadette values helping people and companies update their branding and their design aesthetic.

When Bernadette is not working as a visual designer, she enjoys oil painting, photography, especially editing, weightlifting, and boxing. She has been boxing for a year and recently started sparring. She says it’s challenging but doesn’t want to give up.