Jacobo Ramírez



As Videographer and Studio Producer for Digital Learning, Jacobo Ramírez is in charge of coordinating studio-based productions for faculty and various departments throughout the University of Arizona. Jacobo’s talents include working with faculty and students, ensuring quality standards, and finding creative ways to use video in the online teaching environment. He’s also particularly adept at helping people feel comfortable working in the studio (even if it happens to be their first time in front of the camera). Jacobo is a veteran of the broadcasting industry with more than 27 years of professional expertise, having worked most recently as TV Senior Director for Arizona Public Media. He has a deep understanding of video technology and production protocol, and his contributions to Digital Learning help to elevate the effectiveness of Arizona Online course offerings. He has experience directing live broadcasts, ABOR meetings, multi-camera remote productions for election debates, and for UA Lecture series, just to name a few. In his previous job, Jacobo hired, managed, and trained a revolving crew of 12 UA students to perform and execute daily productions. He believes in the educational mission of the University of Arizona, and he works to provide Digital Learning student crew employees with meaningful professional experience, integrating knowledge and application in real world experience. “The experience of working in a professional TV Studio is one of the best opportunities we can provide to our UA Film and Television students,” he says.