Jessica Zeitler

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Instructional Designer II


Jessica Zeitler is an Instructional Designer. Before joining Digital Learning at The University of Arizona, Jessica worked as an Instructional Designer and World Languages Faculty in Spanish for Pima Community College. 

She is an alumni of the University of Arizona where she earned a Ph.D. in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish Literature and Near Eastern Studies. Jessica earned a Master’s Degree in Spanish from the University of Arkansas and is finishing up a second Masters of Education with a focus on Instructional Design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

The focus of her dissertation research was the development of educational practices and spaces as well as the establishment of the first institutions of higher education in medieval Spain and the Mediterranean. 

Jessica’s research interests include UDL and accessibility, Agile development, equity and inclusion, mentoring, online education, and UX design. 

In addition to her work in instructional design, Jessica has taught undergraduate Spanish Language, Literature, and Civilization courses and led workshops on educational technology. Recently, she has presented and published internationally on medieval gender representation, presented at multiple instructional design and equity conferences, and designed and hosted a virtual Social Justice Challenge for undergraduate students. 

Jessica is an avid language learner (foreign languages or computer languages) and long-distance runner. In her free time, Jessica listens to podcasts, travels, and spends time with family and friends.