June Showcase: An Example of Outcomes and Alignment

Published: Friday, June 18, 2021

Take a look at this example from one of our instructors on their outcomes for a psychology course.

Dr. Ashley Jordan, Associate Professor of Practice and Director of Online Programs, Psychology, offers an example of outcomes and alignment in her PSY 101 course. For her “Psychology Spotlight” project, students have the option to complete the project as a video. The full project is scaffolded over several assignments, including a planning stage with preliminary research, project management considerations, and storyboards in the first assignment and an annotated bibliography and media collection with project update in the second assignment. Here, in the final phase of the project, Dr. Jordan demonstrates a strategy for sharing outcomes with students that considers both the course content and the project.

The specific learning outcome for this project is “Define and describe the key concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the field of psychology (module quizzes, socializing, psych spotlight),” and the details for digital skills are listed within the prompt.

Psychology Spotlight Multimedia Project

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Teresa Davis

Teresa Davis
Instructional Designer II