Student Experiences in The iVoices Media Lab: A Reflection

Published: Friday, January 29, 2021

Two of our student workers reflect on their experiences working and teaching with the iVoices Media Lab.

Lizette Arias and Maria José Garcia were the first two students chosen to be a part of the iVoices Media Lab. This opportunity included teaching other students how to use Adobe Creative Cloud products to create engaging multimedia projects and provide them with feedback. They helped design lesson plans, video tutorials, and example projects.

Lizette and Maria also had the opportunity to create a video reflection to share their experience with iVoices and show us what they learned. 

"Working with iVoices has been a learning experience that has expanded my knowledge on both technology and its significant use in storytelling. Being able to implement and use programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro into class projects in order to create informative stories while also learning more about how the use of technology has impacted our daily lives has been one of the highlights of being a part of the Student Media Lab team for iVoices." - Lizette

"Being part of iVoices has been an experience I never thought I would have. It has been an amazing opportunity where I have learned a lot and have met amazing people. Teaching is much harder than i had ever thought, being patient is key. I can now put myself in the shoes of teachers, because I got to understand and experience what goes into the making of a single project." - Maria

To read the full reflection, find it here:

What's it like to be an iVoices Student Media Lab Worker? 


Authored By:

Tess Salmón

Tess Salmon
Project Manager